Fusion Center – Cyber Security

Digitalware Fusion Center

Event Monitoring
& Cyber Optimizat
Fusion Center Services
Maintenance of the Endpoint Security Tools (Software sold separate)
Profile and Standardize endpoint configuration.
Endpoint Lifecycle plan
Ensure consistent customer experience and engagement model.
Identify potential threats to the customer organization.
Build and manage endpoint maturity roadmap for the environment.
Regularly audit the endpoint technology to ensure optimal configuration.
Identify devices that are vulnerable to threats.  
Scan network and devices for known vulnerabilities.  
Collect, categorize, and process contextual intelligence about the environment.  
Identifies authorized and rogue devices on the network.  
Provides prioritized directed risk reduction actions based on environment and known threats.  
Provides directed or objective-based penetration testing. (Negotiated separately).  
Builds an operational partnership with world-class cyber security experts.    
Rapid identification and remediation of suspicious activity.    
Continuous identification of proactive actions and risk reduction techniques.    
Prioritization of remediation actions for onsite customer staff.    
Continuous optimization of all managed tool sets.    
Automation and Orchestration of remedial security tasks.    
Provides team of cyber security experts to remediate any threats.      
24x7x365 Security Operations in US-based Secure Facility.      
Dedicated TAM (Technical Account Manager).      
Strategic and Tactical cyber intelligence and reporting.      
Behavioral-based threat modeling using MITRE AA&CK.      
A dedicated team of offensive security specialists and threat hunters to support customer needs.      
Quarterly threat briefings specific to industry.      
Dedicated phone number and email to quickly access support and operations team.      
Dedicated customer success and operations portal.