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The Digitalware Fusion Center

A Scalable, Turnkey Cybersecurity Service that Aligns With Your Company’s Specific And Unique Needs

The Digitalware Fusion Center is a more holistic, state-of-the-art approach to managing your cybersecurity AND physical security needs – All in one, advanced solution. It’s designed to identify threats, connect and control access, automate endpoint protection and scale with a flexible, future-proof architecture.

Why The Fusion Center?


Our tiered cybersecurity plans offer you groupings of services that are often needed as your business grows and give you scalable cybersecurity solutions as you grow.


Our automated onboarding process and simplified subscription management makes it easy to get the protection your business needs quickly, while our unique solutions suite helps you reduce risk and organize, optimize, prioritize technology usage within your cybersecurity environment.


Get access to our Epiphany Intelligence Platform, a state-of-the-art and first-to-market cybersecurity risk hunting software solution that correlates impact, exposure, and potentials in near real-time, while prioritizing remediation efforts across your entire enterprise.

Fusion Center Protection Plans

A Security Solution For Every Size And Need

Endpoint Protection Package Management

We maintain and operate your current security suite by ensuring your anti-malware and anti-virus systems are installed correctly, up-to-date, and are working across all of your installed endpoints. We will also assist in recommendations for additional deployment or areas of needed coverage.

Endpoint Package Management

EPP Maintenance

We will ensure that your Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) is working as it should, including extensive and daily systematic and manual health checks, updating the EPP suite in accordance with your change procedures, reporting, issue alerts, and the ability for customers to generate reports on-demand.


EPP Configuration

We work with you to profile your current EPP configuration settings and standardize profiles across your enterprise, including reviewing your current settings, comparing settings to the EPP vendor’s ideal configuration, identifying proper segmentation or grouping based on ideal configuration, and recommending group structure.


Endpoint Lifecycle Planning

You will be given a full report detailing best practices for ideal endpoint security technology lifecycle planning based on your company’s specific set-up.


Threat Identification Plan

We will help you identify potential threats and what threats may specifically be targeting your business.


Endpoint Maturity Roadmap

We work with you to map out a pathway to adopting the technologies needed to improve your endpoint security solutions.


Endpoint Technology Audit

We evaluate your current endpoint technology deployment and determine potential areas of improvement based on the industry’s leading technology.


Vulnerability Management

In addition to the benefits of our CONTROL plan, we manage your proactive assessment program and will scan your entire endpoint environment to identify your vulnerabilities, standardize the findings, and recommend a remediation prioritization plan.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Identification

We evaluate your endpoint designs to determine if any known vulnerabilities are present in your software packages, applications, or cloud infrastructure.


Vulnerability Scanning

After our initial vulnerability identification, we systematically scan your environment to ensure your internal or external endpoints are not vulnerable to publicly known exploits.


Epiphany Radius Analysis

Using our proprietary Epiphany Intelligence Platform, we assess which of your endpoints have the largest risk if compromised and recommend prioritized vulnerability remediation or mitigation steps based on our observations.


Rogue Device Detection

We scan your entire endpoint ecosphere to determine if there are any potentially unwanted or unnecessary endpoints in your network.


Directed Action Reports

We provide you with a periodic report and roadmap that details the actions your enterprise should take to decrease identified risks.


Alert Response

In addition to the management and vulnerability assessment services included in our CONTROL and ASSESS plans, we will take over alert management, alert correlation, threat hunting, and tools automation, while advising your team on ways to improve your cybersecurity resiliency. This plan is an efficient and affordable way to have millions of dollars’ worth of cybersecurity research, development, and technology at your fingertips.

Alert Management and Threat Hunting

Event Identification and Response

When your on-prem SIEM is within our Core Tech Pack or you utilize our managed SIEM option, we will perform full-stack management, including the identification, response, and investigation of all of your events.


Epiphany Proactive

We use our propriety Epiphany Intelligence Platform to assess and categorize your current risks and the state of your network and endpoints to determine exposures, unsafe conditions, and non-obvious vulnerabilities in your environment. This includes control and sensitive compute systems.


Directed Remediation

We produce a regular report that details recommended actions to remediate or mitigate all identified risks.


Managed Threat Hunting

We keep a watchful eye on your EPP and event reporting systems to determine if any threats or IOCs are present within your environment, networks, or endpoints.


Tools Orchestration

We ensure that your proactive, reactive, and operational security systems are working together seamlessly.


Full-Service Protection, 27/7 Access, & Risk Reduction

This is our full-service, top-tier plan. In addition to ensuring your EPP is running properly, operating your vulnerability management plan, and responding to alerts, we optimize your security enterprise, make recommendations to mitigate your risk in real-time, implement approved recommendations to increase your cybersecurity resiliency, and take measures to ensure you’re proactive instead of reactive. Our OPERATE subscribers also have 24/7 access to our Fusion Center team and Red Cell operators, will be assigned a dedicated account manager, and be given a personalized and prioritized contact phone number/email.

Full-Service Care, 27/7 Access, & Risk Reduction

24/7 Operations

As a subscriber to our highest tier of service, we offer you 24 hours a day support, 7 days a week, while also giving your requests top priority, including a dedicated phone number and email address to allow direct access to our team.


Dedicated Communication

OPERATE subscribers with more than 10,000 endpoints will be assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to handle all needs and to ensure the best service delivery and quality.


Daily Threat Brief

You will receive a daily brief from us that details threats specific to your industry and any potential threats that could pose a risk to your specific system.


Threat Modeling

Once per quarter we will perform a threat modeling exercise of your critical applications or networks to ensure your network is optimized and your risk is mitigated.


Epiphany Ops

We use our proprietary, first-to-market Epiphany Intelligence Platform to perform a unique analysis of your entire compute and sensor environment to evaluate exposures, risks, unsafe conditions, and then take methodical action to remedy the findings. This is the epitome of preventative care and remediation and is unavailable anywhere else. We take you from an event response organization to proactive risk hunters.


Quarterly Executive TRA

On a quarterly basis, we will provide you with an executive brief detailing your operational stats, identified risks, remediated risks, blocked malware, events correlated to IOCs, identification of potential areas of impact, endpoint maturity plan progression, and tool optimization progression.


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