Building Technology

Digitalware is a leading integrator and service provider for in-building services that combine smart building and operational technologies with managed services to improve the building’s net operating income.  Working with our partners, we leverage leading-edge technology to improve owner and tenant situational awareness, connectivity, and building operation efficiency, while unleashing new incremental revenue opportunities.  Our services work to optimize safety, tenant comfort and productivity, and operations efficiency to increase the building value.

Safe, Secure Buildings

According to the US Coast Guard, Situational Awareness is essentially “knowing what is going on around you.”  Digitalware believes Situational Awareness should pervade all aspects of running a building.  Tenant and operator security and safety are key, but Situational Awareness extends to always knowing how well the building is working, with building systems automatically adapting to current conditions, and alerting operators and tenants when actions are needed.

We use technology to collect, distill, and provide operators and tenants with actionable intelligence.  On the people side, it’s continually collecting and analyzing information about who’s in the building, what they’re doing, where they’re going, and how to plan and tune building services to advance efficiency, safety, and comfort.  On the building side, it’s actively monitoring building systems, conditions, and integrity.

Some of the safety and security use cases in this area include:

  • Detect security issues like left objects, spills, slip/fall events, loitering, banned persons, flooding, gunshots, or other events via video, audio, and other sensors, and alerting building security and/or operations to the problem
  • Allow security to alert tenants about the emergency conditions, using the digital signage in the tenant and public areas of the building to provide the alerts along with safety instructions tailored to each in-building location (“shelter in place”, “exit via the rear lobby doors”, …)
  • Detect the presence of toxic or flammable gasses, or other air quality issues before they reach critical levels, allowing building operators to mitigate them before they become emergencies.
  • Detect flickering or burned-out lights to allow building operations to prevent unsafe or uncomfortable lighting levels.

Building Efficiency

Digitalware’s in-building solutions target building efficiency to improve the building’s value to tenants and owners.  The solutions embrace integration with HVAC control, lighting systems, and elevator systems, and combine these systems with add-on IoT-based sensors, energy usage monitoring with sub-metering, and dynamic space utilization monitoring via the same video and audio feeds used for safety and security.  Streaming analytics and AI-based technologies constantly evaluate current conditions to provide actionable intelligence on the building state to enable improved building operations and efficiency.

Some of the use cases for building efficiency include:

  • Detecting anomalous mechanical noises that can signal pending building equipment failure
  • Enable predictive maintenance for HVAC, electrical, lighting, and other building systems as the most cost-effective means of keeping building systems in peak operating condition, and improving tenant satisfaction with fewer tenant-visible outages.
  • Minimizing energy costs for the building owner and for the tenants without impacting comfort or productivity.

Productive Environment

Making the building into a comfortable, productive environment for business will increase its desirability for existing and prospective tenants, which can drive down vacancy rents and improve leasing rates.

Some of the use cases include:

  • Building amenities are part of the picture, and Digitalware’s display-as-a-service enables innovative concierge services such as dry cleaning, pet sitting, exercise, food delivery and other amenities provided by local and in-building businesses. The inclusion of local small businesses benefits both the local community around the building, and the quality of life for tenant employees in the building.
  • Digitalware’s display-as-a-service lets tenants and visitors find the people they need to see, and find their way to the right room on time for a meeting. Meeting organizers can locate and reserve a room that’s the right size and with the most convenient location for attendees.  Digitalware’s AV and conferencing solutions will allow more effective meetings for both local and remote participants.
  • Digitalware’s in-building sensing and integration with building air systems can detect high CO2 and temperature levels in a crowded conference room or office area, that can lead to inattention or even drowsiness.  It can automatically adjust air flow to compensate, and notify the tenant and/or building operator that setting changes may be necessary for that room.

Incremental Revenue Opportunities

Another means to improve a building’s NOI and value to its owner is to capitalize on new and innovative revenue opportunities for the building owner, beyond the revenues for leases.  Digitalware provides solutions to enable opportunities such as:

  • Parking management systems to monetize idle or off-hours parking garage space while providing a safe and efficient parking for tenants
  • Maximizing roof-top carrier hosting and other revenue
  • In-building advertising campaigns on idle digital signage, based on tenant behaviors and targeted demographics.
  • Enabling in-building small businesses providing amenities to tenants and the public