Data Center Security

Digitalware IAAS Secure Solutions

For organizations, the main challenges facing their data center operators is the management of large-scale, rapidly growing infrastructure, capacity planning, power availability, and controlling costs. Data storage is the source of many of these challenges.

While some organizations use object- or file-based storage for their lower performance requirements, enterprise-class data centers need robust, large-scale, block storage that offers high performance and high availability, in order to support the ever-growing base of business applications, hypervisors, file systems, and databases. Organizations today must keep pace with rapidly growing infrastructure requirements, while providing high performance and highly available block storage for applications.

Hyper converged infrastructure is a foundational platform on which pre-integrated compute and storage resources help organizations deploy their private cloud implementation faster and support workloads that demand rapid, automated, scale-out infrastructure.


The IaaS stack consists of compute, storage, and data protection that seamlessly integrates with the clients Self Service Catalog to enable an agile, scalable private cloud model.

Our solution provides an IaaS stack capable of supporting both platform 2 (traditional enterprise applications and mixed workloads) and platform 3 (OpenStack and modern applications) requirements.

Cyber Security As A Service Benefits

  • Private Cloud: Software defined infrastructure
  • Public Cloud
  • Converged Endpoint: Best of breed endpoint protection solutions to ensure the highest level of protection.
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Microsegmentation
  • Hypervisor

Solution Benefits

  • The stack can easily be installed in an existing infrastructure, as well as in greenfield configurations.
  • Compute and storage are delivered by ScaleIO Ready Nodes.
  • Nodes combine innovative software defined storage and x86 compute platform in a hyper converged architecture where the application and storage are installed on the same servers in the cluster.
  • Creates a single-layer architecture and provides the lowest footprint and cost profile.
  • The stack includes the Data Protection Suite for VMware and Dell EMC’s Data Domain purpose built backup appliance for data protection.
  • Accelerate business with software-defined, scale-out infrastructure technology.

Client Values

Enterprise-Datacenter-in-a-box delivers an infrastructure stack that serves as a flexible, scalable back end to self-service provisioning catalogs. This delivers a complete, on-premises storage software solution that offers the same low cost storage economics of the largest cloud players while meeting the demands of the large enterprise. As consumption increases, the Digitalware solution meets the immediate need for an infrastructure platform that is simple to manage, easy to scale, and provides robust performance with enterprise features and support.