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Devices & Endpoint Solutions


Secure critical data across mobile devices and endpoints.

Peace of Mind

Safeguard corporate assets against malicious cyber-attacks with detection and quick incident response.

Building & Office Solutions

Physical & Cyber Security

Feel secure with data protection, state-of-the-art access control to buildings and offices, 24x7 vulnerability management, and security monitoring.

Digital Signage

Let digital signage, parking management systems and more put information at your fingertips.


Collaborate with your colleagues with video conferencing and interconnected workspaces.


Communicate with a robust digital infrastructure and wireless network.

Access & Energy Management

Optimize your property management, energy management and security through a centralized building operating system.

City & Community Solutions

Digital Media

Access information about the community through information kiosks and other forms of digital media.

Internet of Things

Take advantage of a connected and data-driven infrastructure that enhance city services and constituent well-being.


Take part in your connected community with blue dot wayfinding to help you find your way around schools, hospitals and more.

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