Physical Security

Internet Security of Things (ISoT) Service

Digitalware’s ISoT services embed a security-first approach to build out an effective secure IoT solution. End-to-end security spans from the sensors all the way through the cloud, inclusive of secure management, encryption of data in transmission and at rest, authentication, authorization and access control. It is completed with active cybersecurity monitoring that protects the integrity and security of your data.

Digitalware Situational Awareness for Education

Digitalware Situational Awareness for Education offering combines the best in available systems and technology to bring greater awareness, security operations, and classroom collaboration. Our solution encompasses the following:

  • Enhanced Bell & PA system
    • Granular addressing of specific rooms and areas
    • Custom bell schedule and emergency alerts
    • Dial-in system interface
    • Simple, software-based customization
  • Integrated Perimeter and Internal Security
    • Door and RFID sensors
    • On-site short-term CCTV storage and retrieval
    • Teacher panic buttons
    • Integrated and customizable school alerting and messaging
    • Location services
    • Administration panels for school admin, custodian, and head security officer
  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration
    • Digital signage in all common areas
    • Centralized A/V broadcast for announcements and emergencies
    • Wireless and web-enabled classroom media

Digitalware Situational awareness for schools combines disparate information within an organization utilizing the Digitalware Intelligent Hub.

  • Create relationships to sources of information related to the situation.
  • Reporting knowledge of assets, relations to the students and faculty in the school during an emergency situation like a runner.
  • Today, no one vendor provides a single unified solution of intelligence.


Digitalware’s indoor-centric IoT services provide a framework for providing raw intelligence for an organization’s Situational Awareness needs.  The information comes from sensor networks – both purpose-built and integration from existing management systems.  The assets include:

  • IoT Device Management. Provision, manage, and de-provision devices.   It also feeds device metadata into the Digitalware Intelligent hub.
  • IoT Devices with attached sensors. The devices manage and collect data from the sensors, and send them securely to an IoT Gateway.
  • IoT Gateway. The Intel-based gateway collects data from many devices, providing messaging hub, aggregation, and local analytics for IoT devices connected to it.  It supports both wireless and wire transports from the devices. Locally services aggregate and filter data from sensors, and analytics process data streams to produce event metadata.  Protocol conversion enables flexible integration from diverse sources.  The gateway forwards the results of these services to the Digitalware Intelligent Hub for ingestion, analytics, and situational awareness.
  • Facilities Management Systems Integration. Microservices and the Intelligent Hub or IoT Gateway provide protocol conversion, aggregation and filtering to allow time series and event data from third party BMS and other solutions to be ingested into the Intelligent Hub for analytics and situational awareness.


In the era of smart cities, Digitalware partners with companies to enhance a city’s situational awareness of its streets and environment.  The service combines a pervasive network of sensors supplying information for ingestion into a Digitalware Intelligent Hub for situational awareness and other analytics or solutions such as gunshot detection, pedestrian and traffic analysis, parking, environment monitoring, and other use cases.

  • Smart street lights. Intelligent nodes are Intel-based compute services built into LED cobra head street light fixtures and modules for decorative street lights.  The unit can include cameras, microphones, and environment sensors in the same package – the intelligent node controls them, and as in our IoT gateway the intelligent node provides aggregation/filtering of the data, local analytics, and transmission of the results to the Intelligent Hub for ingestion.  As needed, the Hub passes some of that data onto the cloud platform – enabling partner analytic services.  The intelligent node also acts as an IoT gateway for other sensors in the vicinity of the pole.